September 22nd, 2017

York Minster - Barley Hall - York Castle - The DIG

Royal Coat of Arms of William III
and Mary II 1689 - 1694
All Saints Church, York
Alabaster Reredos with Christ in the centre flanked by the Apostles and the Evangelists
All Saints Church, York
C19th Carved Stone Font with painted cover
All Saints Church, York
Remembrance Window to those who died in Afganistan 2001-2014
by Helen Whittaker of Barley Studios
All Saints Church, York
'Nativity Scene with Censing Angels'
by C.E. Kempe
All Saints Church, York
'Hannah and Samuel', 'Mary with baby Jesus', and 'St Elizabeth'
in Memory of
Mary Anne Craven d.1900 by C.E. Kempe
All Saints Church, York
1634 Pulpit
inscribed with the words
'The Foolishness of Preaching'
All Saints Church, York
York Minster
England's largest Medieval Cathedral
Great West Door
with the Effigy of St Peter
York Minster
Gilded Ceiling Bosses
York Minster
Octagonal Chapter House
York Minster
1. Five Sisters' Window c.1260 comprised of 100,000 pieces of grey and green 'grisaille' glass measuring 53 feet
2. West Window contains a heart-shaped design, known as 'The Heart of Yorkshire'
3. Bishop's Cathedra
4. 400 yr old, 4 quarter chime clock by Henry Hindley 1701-1771, located in the North Transept.
Two knights strike the quarter hours by striking each other.

York Minster

Pipe Organ
by Elliot and Hill, 1832
York Minster

Quire Stalls
4-bay Quire has an interior
height of 102 feet
York Minster
South Transept Rose Window c.1500, commemorates the union of the Royal Houses of York and Lancaster
York Minster
Tomb of William Markham
Archbishop of York d.1807
York Minster
Oliphant presented to York Minster
by the Viking Nobleman Ulf in 1030
Mid C13th ring found in the tomb of Archbishop Walter de Gray at York Minster during a 1960's restoration
Reliquary of St William of York, d.1148
York Minster

Geneva Bible, 1607
York Minster

'Kings Book of York Heroes'
presented to York Minster in 1920 by the Duke of York
The York Gospels, 1020
Pre-conquest Gospel book
York Minster
Kings Screen, York Minster
Quire Sceen contains sculptures of the Kings of England from William the Conqueror to Henry VI,
with stone and gilded canopies set against a red background
Chapter House of York Minster was built around 1260. In 1297 it was used for the Parliament of King Edward I of England. Dating from 1270, sculptured heads above the canopies represent some of the finest Gothic sculpture in the country. There are over 250 different characters around the Chapter House
Astronomical Clock
York Minster
Memorial to
Prince William of Hatfield Second son of Edward III
York Minster
Sir George Savile,
8th Baronet
, 1726-1784
York Minster
Sir Henry d.1624 and
Lady Ursula Bellasis
by Nicholas Stone, 1616
York Minster
Henry Swinburne d.1624
York Minster
Early C15th Gilded Ceiling
of the Central Lantern
York Minster
Gilded Memorial Chapel Gates of the West Yorkshire Regiment, 1926
York Minster
Archbishop Toby Mathew d.1628
Designed by Sydney Smirke

York Minster
Dossal made in 1972 by the
Minster Broderers

designed by Joan Freeman
York Minster
Sir William d.1623 and
Lady Catherine Ingram d.1670
York Minster
Wall Monument to
Lionel Ingram
d.1628 aged 6
York Minster
Wall Monument to
Anne Benet d.1602 by Nicholas Stone
York Minster
William Wentworth
2nd Earl of Strafford
d.1695 and Lady Honoria d.1685
York Minster
Wall Memorial to
Edmund Bunny
York Minster
Wall Monument to
Archbishop John Piers
York Minster
Monument to Sir William Gee d.1611 and his wives Thomasine d.1559
and Mary d.1649
York Minster

C13th Purbeck Marble Coffin
Archbishop Walter de Gray 1215-1255
York Minster

Gilded Bosses and
Rose Window
York Minster
1. Archbishop John Dolben d.1686, by Grinling Gibbons
2. Wall Monument to Nicholas Wanton d.1617 and William Wanton d.1577
3. Archbishop Matthew Hutton, d.1606
4. Left : Christopher Edward Thomas Oldfield d.1850, by Mathew Skelton
Right : Canon William Mason d.1797 and Canon William Dixon d. 1854 Inlay of coloured marbles, surface of bronze, brass, enamels and
semi-precious stones; alabaster figures of the Good Shepherd and two angles. Monument by Francis Alfred Skidmore
York Minster

York Minster
Minera, Goddess of Wisdom by
John Wolstenholme, 1801
High Petergate, York.
Victorian Arched Roof
York Railway Station
Gillian in Clifford's Tower
York Castle
Clifford's Tower, the Keep of
York Castle
Looking down inside
Clifford's Tower, York Castle
Gillian climbs the steep steps up to Clifford's Tower, York
Model of York Castle
View of York from the top of
Clifford's Tower
View of York Minster from the
top of Clifford's Tower
Feast for a King
Barley Hall, York
Swan on the Menu
Barley Hall, York
Period Costumes of Jane Boleyn
and Catherine Howard
Barley Hall, York
Teaching Aid made of Horn
Barley Hall, York
A scene from the
Westminster Tournament Roll
, 1511
Barley Hall, York
Medieval Horn Window
Barley Hall, York
Fragment of
St William's
Barley Hall, York
Medieval Volvelle Wheel
Barley Hall, York
C15th Manuscript
'The Archpriest of Talavera' by

Alfonso Martanez de Toledo

Barley Hall, York
C15th Spinning Wheel
Barley Hall, York
A hands-on archaeological adventure
discovering artefacts from 2000 years
of York’s History
A skeleton at The DIG
A demonstration of archaeological procedures
Holographic presentation of archaeology at
The DIG, York

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