September 20th, 2017

A guided tour of the Fulford Battlefield site by archaeologist Chas Jones
Jorvik Viking Centre - York inner city centre
An evening talk by Chas Jones on the recent archaeological finds at Fulford

Chas explains the lay of the land concerning the Battlefield at Fulford

In search of the battlefield!

Chas reveals their recent
archaeological finds
Chas explains the significance
of Germany Beck
Chas explains the tidal effects and flooding of the region
A cairn of stones built from stones obtained at the 1066 level from their recent dig
The site of what might have been a Viking recycling plant established after the Battle of Fulford, 1066
Oh no! There goes the battlefield.
Our Viking past, makes way for our
crowded future.
Looking down the Ouse and along the battle flats towards the A64 bridge, Fulford
Looking down the Ouse towards the A64 bridge, Fulford
Landing site for a viking longship?
River Ouse at Fulford
Site of the Manor House owned by Tostig, Earl of Northumbria,
brother of King Harold II
Fulford, York
Our questions answered.
Hardrada was here!
Many, many finds were made on
this spot during the recent
archaeological dig
Animatronic Waxworks
Jorvik Viking Centre
C10th barrel Padlock and Key
Jorvik Viking Centre
Viking Artifacts
Jorvik Viking Centre
Viking Artifacts
Jorvik Viking Centre
Halton Moor Viking Hoard
Jorvik Viking Centre
A good place to go on a rainy day in York
Coppergate, York
Black and White Building, 1489
Coppergate, York
Boutique Shop Windows
Coppergate, York
'The Shop That Must Not Be Named' - Harry Potter Gift Shop
The Shambles, York
12,000 button designs.
Ah! but do you have chocolate buttons?
Duttons for Buttons, Coppergate, York
Betty's Cafe Tea Rooms
Stonegate, York
York Glass Ltd.
The Shambles, York
Käthe Wohlfahrt - Mulberry Hall
Timber-framed 1434 building
Stonegate, York
Pandora Gifts & Souvenirs
Low Petergate, York
Barclays Bank, York.
Built in 1901 to the designs of architect Edmund Kirby
The Printers Devil
Stonegate, York
The York Sweet Shop
Low Petergate, York
Black-and-white facade added in 1893 but early C18th origins inside.
Grade II listed
Pavement, York
Sir Thomas Herbert's House.
Early C17th, Grade I listed
Pavement, York
Merchant Adventurers' Hall, York
Out to dinner with Tina Green,
Creator of the Battle Tapestry
The Plough Inn, Fulford,
A talk by Archaeologist Chas Jones on the
Fulford Battlefield finds
Fulford Hall,
Chas explains about Germany Beck
and their recent finds using a
3D topographical map.
Fulford Hall, York

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