October 19th, 2018

Wirral Way - Parkgate - Neston

Gillian cleans up the geocaches along the Wirral Way
Backwood Hall Bridge on the Wirral Way
View across the River Dee
Across the Dee
100 square kilometers of Salt Marsh
Across the Dee, with Flintshire Bridge on the left and Connah's Quay Power Station on the right
Walking towards Parkgate
Flower Boat
The Old Watch House, Parkgate.
Leased by H.M. Custom Service
between 1799 and 1828
Coprinus comatus, the Shaggy Ink Cap
Fisherman's Church, Parkgate
Gillian finds the cache outside the
Fisherman's Church, Parkgate
Black and White buildings along
Parkgate Parade
Dover Cottage, Parkgate.
Emma Hart, Mistress of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson,
stayed here on a health cure visit in 1784

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