October 7th, 2017

Bletchingdon - Thrupp - Shipton-on-Cherwell

St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
Minton Tiles
St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
Scratch Dial
St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
1. 'Virgin and Child' and 'St John the Evangelist' in Memory of Algernon Sydney Arthur Annesley by Kempe & Tower, 1909
2. 'St Alban', 'St Michael' and 'St Martin' in Memory of Captain Arthur Annesley, killed near Ypres, 1914 by Heaton, Butler & Bayne
3. 'The Good Shepherd' in Memory of
Arthur Annesley, 11th Viscount Valentia d.1927 by Heaton, Butler & Bayne
4. 'Nativity' in Memory of Flora Mary Devereux d.1886 by C.E. Kempe
5. 'Annunciation' in Memory of Augusta Annesley by C.E. Kempe, c.1893

St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
Painted Pipe Organ
by Forster & Andrews,
Hull, 1887
St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
Wall Monument to
John Coghill, d.1628
St Giles Church, Bletchingdon
Former Stable Block and Courtyard
Bletchingdon Park
Narrowboats on the Oxford Canal, Thrupp
Drawbridge across the
Oxford Canal at Thrupp
A narrowboat negotiates the drawbridge across the Oxford Canal at Thrupp
Day Hire on the Oxford Canal, Thrupp
1. 'Sea of Galilee' in Memory of Henry Braddick Yule, Staff Commander Royal Navy d.1877
2. Window in Memory of Captain Horace Cowley Brown, d.1873 at Baluchistan
3. East Window by Heaton, Butler & Bayne
4. 'St James and St John' 1867

Church of the Holy Cross, Shipton-on-Cherwell
Another great sunset, Bletchingdon

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