October 8th, 2016

At the Top of Caldbec Hill - Gathering Point of King Harold's Army
'1066: Three Kings' by playright Michael Punter, A story of the Battle of Hastings

Kingsmead Open Space at the bottom of Caldbec Hill
Looking out towards where the
Malfosse Incident took place in 1066
King's Head Wind Mill at the top of Caldbec Hill
An apple from the 'Hoary Apple Tree'
Caldbec Hill
'The Hoary Apple Tree'
Caldbec Hill
Kingsmead Open Space
at the top of Caldbec Hill
'1066: Three Kings ' by Playright Michael Punter performed at the Stables Theatre, Hastings
The Cast of '1066: Three Kings'
Stables Theatre, Hastings
Mike Willard, Council member for the Stables Theatre, Hastings
Mike Willard and Daisy Estall
Stables Theatre, Hastings
King Harold (centre) played by
Munro Scott. Alfred (right) played by Harry Leigh. Isabelle de Belleme (left) played by Daisy Estall

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