October 1st, 2016

A Dinner Invitation from Allan and Dianne Stainsby, Crowhurst
The Yew Tree, officially confirmed as 4000 years old
A visit to Martin White's Medieval Ruins

St Laurence, Catsfield
Church Micro 1987
'Saint George and the Dragon'.
Church of St. George, Crowhurst
Abbey Ruins viewed from the grounds
of the Church of St. George, Crowhurst
Eighth Oldest Yew Tree in England
Church of St. George, Crowhurst
Allan and Dianne Stainsby with Gillian
under the Ancient Yew Tree
Church of St. George, Crowhurst
Ruins through the Ruins, Crowhurst
Ruined Abbey at Crowhurst
Martin White explains the Abbey Ruins
on his property at Crowhurst.
Martin explains the Crowhurst 1066 connection
Foundation Walls discovered recently at Crowhurst. Is this perhaps a tile from Edith Swanneck's Manor House?
Allan's Saxon Shield.
An evening with Allan and Dianne, Crowhurst
It's a Mail Thing
Saxon Seax
Chain Mail made from thousands of
spring steel washers
Seax and Sheath
Gillian Wields the Shield
C11th Sword Hilt
Saxon Hand Axe
Fletching of Medieval Arrows
The pointy ends
Allan dresses up in Full Medieval Costume for the occasion

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