November 14th, 2016

Visit to Monckton's Avenue, Maidstone

The Medway from the Hotel Window
Tudor style building constructed by Paul Waterhouse in 1913 as the District Office of Prudential Assurance Company.
The four statues from right to left are Archbishop Courtenay, Caxton, Sir Christopher Marlowe and Lord Avebury.
89 Bank Street, Maidstone.
Statue by Gordon Newton of Crimean War Hero, Lord Louis Edward Nolan. Located in Trinity Foyer outside of the former Ophthalmic Hospital Maidstone
Prison Gates
Maidstone Prison
Camden Street, Maidstone. Home of Gillian's Grandad
The Swan Inn, Maidstone
St. Faith's Church, Maidstone
Built in 1872 by E. W. Stephens of Maidstone, on the site of a Medieval Chapel of Ease.
The tower was added in 1881-2
Gillian's Old House at
Monckton's Avenue, Maidstone
Monckton's Avenue, Maidstone
Riverboats on the Medway
Window in Memory of Henry Frederick Rivers d.1904
St. Faith's Church, Maidstone
We visit June. One of Gillian's neighbours in Monckton's Avenue
The Fox and the Cat
Between Monckton's Avenue and the Medway

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