May 8th, 2019

Bainton - Little Driffield - Scarborough - Scarborough Castle

Late C19th Altar Frontal made from the wedding dress of Mrs Stanbridge, the Rector's wife
St Andrew's Church, Bainton
Celtic Cross in Tapestry Stitch
St Andrew's Church, Bainton
Norman Tub Font with diaper pattered decoration, c.1150
St Andrew's Church, Bainton
Tomb of Sir Edmund de Mauley, d.1331
St Andrew's Church, Bainton

Wall Monument to
Robert Faucon d. 1661
St Andrew's Church, Bainton
1. Stained Glass Window in Memory of John Grimston of Neswick d.1879
by Lavers, Barraud & Westlake, 1880
2. 'Fishers of Men', 'St Andrew' and 'Andrew and Philip tell Jesus'
in Memory of Rev. John William Stanbridge, d.1903
by Burlison & Grylls, 1906
3. 'St Peter' 'Blessed Virgin Mary and Child' and 'St Andrew'
Below - 'The Good Shepherd', 'Crucificxion' and 'feeding the 5,000'
WW2 Memorial East Window by Harry Stammers, 1951

St Andrew's Church, Bainton
Heavily Embroidered Altar Frontal (detail)
St Andrew's Church, Bainton
In the Chancel of the church lies intered the body of Alfred, King of Northumberland, d.705
St Mary's Church Little Driffield
Scarborough Seafront
Scarborough Castle
Views of the Ruins of Scarborough
Scarborough seafront as viewed from Scarborough Castle
'Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers' by Ray Lonsdale. Royal Albert Drive, Scarborough.
A DNF on this one I'm afraid
A bit of geocaching along the seafront at Scarborough
The Scarborough Seafront. Cold, Wet and Miserable
A view of Scarborough Castle
from Royal Albert Drive, Scarborough
The Grand Hotel
The Ruins of Scarborough Castle

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