May 21st, 2019

A trip to Bolton Abbey with David and Joan

1828 Clock
St Andrew's Church, Kildwick

1. 'Good Samaritan' and 'Rebecca at the Well' in Memory of Maria Sarah Marsden d.1871 by O' Connor & Taylor of London, 1873
2. 'St Joseph in Adoration', 'Nativity' and Two Shepherds in Memory of Richard Hartley d.1884 by Powell Brothers, Leeds
3. 'Jesus being taught by the Blessed Virgin Mary with Joseph looking on', 'Good Shepherd' and 'St Timothy learning from his mother Eunice and his grand-mother Lois' in Memory of Thomas Ingleby aged 14, d.1861 and Charles Ingleby aged 19, d.1861 by H. Hughes of london, 1863
4. Christ Heals the Lame and the Blind', 'Ascension with three Apostles below' and 'Risen Christ Appearing to the Holy Women' in Memory of Thomas Garforth of Steeton, d.1853

St Andrew's Church, Kildwick
George II Royal Coat of Arms
St Andrew's Church, Kildwick
Altar Frontal
St Andrew's Church, Kildwick
C13th Octagonl Font
with Cover a gift of Mrs Tennant of Kildwick Hall, 1869
St Andrew's Church, Kildwick
Effigy of Sir Robert de Steveton, 1307
St Andrew's Church, Kildwick
Leeds to Liverpool Canal,
Entrance to Bolton Priory through the
'Hole in the Wall'
Ruins of Bolton Abbey
Crossing the River Wharfe on the stepping stones at Bolton Abbe
Gillian with David and Joan at Bolton Abbey
The Ruins of Bolton Abbey
The Ruins of Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey Hall

West Front of
Bolton Priory

A modol of Bolton Priory created by the boys
of Ermysted Grammer School,
'Stoning of Stephen',
'Martyrdom of Polycarp of Smyrna' and 'Martyrdom of Ignatius of Antioch'

by Clayton and Bell Bolton Priory
Chancel with Painted Wall
Bolton Priory
Altar Frontal (detail)
Bolton Priory
Bolton Priory and Ruins
Cavendish Pavilion, Bolton Abbey
A walk up to the Strid on the River Wharfe, upstream from Bolton Abbey
Barden Tower, a C12th Forest Lodge rebuilt in stone c.1485–1490 by Henry Clifford. The tower is now part of the Bolton Estate
Lower Bardon Resevoir

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