May 11th, 2019

Durham - Durham Castle - Durham Cathedral - Elwick

Row Boats on the River Wear, Durham
Rowing on the River Wear viewed from Elvet Bridge, Durham
Durham Cathedral
Church Micro 4500
Norman Arcading
Durham Cathedral
Galilee Porch,
West Front
Durham Cathedral
Norman Arcading
Durham Cathedral
1. 'St. Oswald, King of Northumbria' in Memory of Patrick Alington. Designed by Hugh Easton, 1943
2. 'RAF, WW2 Window' Durham is depicted at the bottom of window
with an eagle lifting an airman into paradise. Window by Hugh Easton, 1948
3. 'Daily Bread Window' representing the Last Supper. Designed by Mark Angus of Combe Down, Bath, 1984
4. 'St Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne' with puffins, terns and kittiwakes above. Window by Hugh Easton, 1939
5. 'Moses window' in Memory of
Sir Henry Manisty d.1890 and his wife Mary Ann d.1893 by Henry Holiday, 1895

Durham Cathedral
1. 'Bernard Gilpin gives his horse to a farmer', 'He quells a tumult in Rothbury Church' and 'He founds a school at Houghton-le-Spring.
2. '
St Paulinus', 'St Paulinus reminds King Edwin of his promise' and 'St Paulinus Baptises in the River Swale' in Memory of R.H. Williamson
3. '
St Aidan', 'St Aidan is recieved at Bamburgh by King Oswald' and 'St Aidan embarks on his mission from Jona'
4. '
St Cuthbert', 'St Cuthbert preaches in a mountain village' and 'St Cuthbert prays before his cell in the Farne Island'
5. '
St Benedict Biscop', 'Benedict Biscop, patron of Arts and Letters' and 'Benedict Biscop, builder of Monk Wearmouth'
6. '
Venerable Bede', 'Venerable Bede instructing his diciples' and 'Venerable Bede translating the gospel'

Windows by Clayton & Bell dating from 1875
Durham Cathedral
1. 'The Good Shepherd', 'Suffer the Little Children' and 'Mind my Sheep'
In Memory of Rev. Henry Joseph Maltby d.1863
and his sons Henry Charles Bradford Maltby and Ralph Howard
Window by William Wailes
Durham Cathedral
1. 'The Transfiguration Window' in Memory of Bishop Michael Ramsey d.1988 by Thomas Denny
2. Millennium Window - 'St Cuthbert, with scenes of Holy Island' and 'Industries of Durham'
Window designed by Joseph Nuttgens of High Wycombe
3. Stained Glass Window in Memory of Sara Pilkington by Mel Howse of Chichester, 2019

Durham Cathedral
1. 'The marriage of Tobias and Sara' Netherlandish Roundel, 1529
2. ' Dives and Lazarus' Netherlandish Roundel Early C17th
3. 'Tobias introduces the Angel to Tobit and Anna' Netherlandish Roundel, 1529

Galilee Chapel, Durham Cathedral
1. Medieval Stained Glass fragments (detail)
2. 'St Cuthbert', 'St Aidan', 'St Oswald' and 'St Hilda' by C.E. Kempe
3. Medieval Stained Glass fragments
4. Medieval Stained Glass fragments (detail)

Durham Cathedral
1. Medieval Stained Glass fragments
2. Window in commemoration of the 900th anniverary of the founding of Durham Cathedral Left light - 'Blessed Virgin Mary' Right Light - 'Christ's Ministry in Galilee'
Window by Leonard Evetts, 1993
3. 'Bede Window' to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the birth of St Bede.
'St Aidan mounted on a Horse', 'The Venerable Bede at Work' and 'Ceolfrith below the keys of St Peter'. Window by Alan Younger, 1972

Durham Cathedral
1. 'Te Deum Window' in Memory of Charles Thorp, Archdeacon of Durham.
Window by Clayton and Bell, 1869
2. The Rose Window - 'Salvator Mundi' surrounded by the 12 apostles, in turn surrounded by the 24 elders from Revelation.
3. 'Jesse Window' West Window by John Richard Clayton and Alfred Bell, 1867

Durham Cathedral
Shield bearing the arms
of St Cuthbert
Durham Cathedral
Wooden Font Cover by James Clement, 1663
Durham Cathedral
Carved Piers
Durham Cathedral
Funerary Monument to Jacob Britton by sculptor Charles Raymond Smith
Durham Cathedral
Tomb of Ralph Neville, 2nd Baron Neville de Raby and his wife, Alice de Audley, Durham Cathedral
Tomb of John Neville, 3nd Baron Neville de Raby and his first wife, Maud Percy, Durham Cathedral
Marble Pulpit designed by
George Gilbert Scott

Durham Cathedral
Prior Castell's Clock. The original clock is medieval, but its casing dates from the 1630's
Durham Cathedral
Part of the Wooden Casing of Prior Castell's Clock is the hidden door that leads from the south transept to the Chapter House.
Durham Cathedral
Chantry Chapel and Tomb of
Bishop Thomas Hatfield
, d.1381
Durham Cathedral
High aAltar and the Neville Screen, 1380
Durham Cathedral
Gothic Canopied Quire Stalls
Durham Cathedral
Decorated Poppyheads
Quire Stalls,
Durham Cathedral
'Father' Willis Organ extensively rebuilt, enlarged and re-voiced by Harrison & Harrison, 1909
Durham Cathedral
The Cathedra above the Hatfield Chantry
Durham Cathedral
Tomb of Bishop Joseph Barber Lightfoot Durham Cathedral

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