March 31st, 2017

Runnymede - Eton

Two Mausoleums
for Amy (nee Cox) d.1889, wife to
Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset
his sister
Cecily Mary Caroline Somerset, d.1862
daughter of
Colonel Poulett George Henry Somerset
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
Church Micro 2373
Octagonal Coade Stone Pulpit
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
'Resurrection of Christ'
East Window in Memory of Hugh William Mortimer Cathcart, d.1866 in Gibraltar
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
Octagonal Coade
Stone Font, with ogee profile cusps and tracery
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
Stained glass South Wall in Memory of
Harry Lecaan, d.1922
St Jude's Church,
Englefield Green
Stone Arch and
2-bay Chancel
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
Walls constructed on bands of ornamental brick, limestone and Kentish rag
St Jude's United Church,
Englefield Green
Altar and Apse
Above the altar is a
C17th painting by
Antonio Palomino,
Church of the Assumption, Englefield Green, Egham
The Organ was donated to the church by
David Greig
Church of the Assumption of Our Lady
Englefield Green, Egham
The History of the Magna Carta,
History Notice Board at Runnymede
Plaque for the Artwork
'The Jurors' by
Hew Locke
American Bar Association Memorial to Magna Carta,
History Notice Board at Runnymede
'The Jurors'
by Hew Locke

Gillian on 'The Steps of Individuality'
60,000 Axe-hewn Portuguese Granite Setts

'The Seats of Contemplation'
and a monument to John F. Kennedy
The Reeds of Runnymede
by Rudyard Kipling

At Runnymede, At Runnymede,
What say the reeds at Runnymede?
The lissom reeds that give and take,
That bend so far, but never break,
They keep the sleepy Thames awake
With tales of John at Runnymede.

At Runnymede, at Runnymede,
Oh, hear the reeds at Runnymede:--
"You mustn't sell, delay, deny,
A freeman's right or liberty.
It makes the stubborn Englishry,
We saw 'em roused at Runnymede!

"When through our ranks the Barons came,
With little thought of praise or blame,
But resolute to pay a game,
They lumbered up to Runnymede;
And there they launched in solid time
The first attack on Right Divine--
The curt, uncompromising 'Sign!'
That settled John at Runnymede.

"At Runnymede, at Runnymede,
Your rights were won at Runnymede!
No freeman shall be fined or bound,
Or dispossessed or freehold ground,
Except by lawful judgment found
And passed upon him by his peers.
Forget not, after all these years,
The Charter Signed at Runnymede."

And still when Mob or Monarch lays
Too rude hand on English ways,
The whisper wakes, the shudder plays,
Across the reeds at Runnymede.
And Tames, that knows the moods of kings,
And crowds and priests and suchlike things,
Rolls deep and dreadful as he brings
Their warning down from Runnymede!

View from the top of the hill looking down to the River Thames, Runnymede
Oak tree planted in 1987
to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Constitution of the
United States of America
Monument to Commemorate the
Magna Carta, Runnymede
Monument to King John and the Magna Carta
Riverboat on the River Thames, Runnymede
Looking up the River Thames Runnymede
Windsor Farm Shop
Old Windsor
Eton College Chapel
Built in 1441, Henry VI’s chapel was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Pavement Plaques in the
Main Street, Eton
Cannon Yard
Eton College
Main Entrance
Eton College
View of Windsor Castle from
Windsor Bridge
Windsor Bridge was designed by
Charles Hollis and opened in 1824.
Closed to vehicles in 1970
Windsor Bridge Blue Plaque
Swans on the River Thames near Windsor Bridge
Flower Baskets along the Thames
near Windsor Bridge
Diamond Jubilee Fountain,
opposite Alexandra Gardens,
Royal Windsor Chess Maze,
designed by
Adrian Fisher
Goswell's Park, Windsor
Windsor Castle viewed from
Goswell Road Railway Viaduct
High Street, Eton
Class 450
Nicknamed 'Thumpers' and 'Castles'
Sunningdale Railway Station
All Saints Church, Ascot Heath
Church Micro 3515

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