March 1st, 2017

St Davids Day, St Davids, Wales - The Rt. Rev. Joanna Penberthy, Bishop of St Davids - Solva Woollen Mill

Traditional Welsh Costume
St Davids
Market Day
St Davids
St David's Flag from the top of
St Davids Cathedral
The Brass Band
St David's Day in St Davids
Procession to the town square where the Bishop receives the crozier and gives her blessing at St David's Cross in St Davids city centre
After the blessing by the Bishop, we join the procession down to the Cathedral
The procession makes its way to the Cathedral past the ruins of the
Bishop's Palace
St Davids Cathedral
The procession makes its way through the Cathedral to the High Altar
St Davids Cathedral
Bishop Gower's Tomb
St Davids Cathedral
The Bishop blesses and annoints the people with ashes for Ash Wednesday
St Davids Shrine
St Davids Cathedral
Designed by
John Hardmann Powell, three mosaic panels from 1871 decorate the
High Altar
St Davids Cathedral
'Ecclesia', representing the Christian Church in the left panel. Jesus, John, Mary Magdalene and Mary in the centre panel and 'Synagoga' symbolizing the Jewish Synagogue in the right panel
St Davids Cathedral
Painted Camber Beam Roof
of the Presbytery
St Davids Cathedral

Patterned Pembrokeshire pre-Norman Baptismal Font on a C13th base
St Davids Cathedral

Bishop Gower's Screen
St David on the right of the arch with the dove on his shoulder.
On the left are 'St Benedict of Nursia, Christ and St Paul'
St Davids Cathedral
St David's Cross and the
National Flag of Wales.
It consists of a red dragon passant
on a green and white field
St Davids Cathedral
Altar and Neo-Gothic
Panelled Oak Reredos
St David's Church, Whitchurch
East Window, 1905, by C.C. Powell, London
St David's Church, Whitchurch
Bentley Comet, 1975
Knitting Machine.
By 1970 Bentley employed 9000 staff
Solva Woollen Mill
Weaving Shed at
Solva Woollen Mill
Yarn Creel for the Beaming Process
Solva Woollen Mill
Middle Mill Water Wheel, Solva
Solva Harbour at the Mouth
of the
River Solva
Lime Kilns, Solva
Solva Harbour

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