June 2nd, 2018

Glastonbury - Glastonbury Abbey - West Pennard - North Wootton - Pilton - Wells Cathedral - Vicar's Close - Bishop's Palace

1. The Goddess Hall, Glastonbury
2. Mosaic Sculpture by Francony Kowalski, The Goddess House, Glastonbury
3. 'King Arthur' embroidery designed by Jane Bayes, 2007, Glastonbury Abbey
C16th Othery Cope, Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Abbey
Church Micro 4349
Sigeric, a Glastonbury monk. Sculpture by Heather Burnley, 2000. Glastonbury Abbey
The Abbot's Kitchen, Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Abbey
Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey
Abbot's Kitchen, Glastonbury Abbey
A guided tour of Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Abbey Herb Garden
Site of King Arthur's Tomb, Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Thorn, Glastonbury Abbey
1. Wall paintings by Fleur Kelly
2. Above - 'Virgin and Child', 'St Patrick', 'St Dunstan' and 'Archangel Michael'
Below - 'Joseph of Arimathea', 'Snakes', 'The Devil' and 'St Bridget'
Stained Glass Window by Wayne Ricketts, 2010

St Patrick's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey
Colourful Shop Window Displays, Glastonbury
Glastonbury Tercentennial Labyrinth
Pipe Organ by Charles A. Smethurst Ltd Manchester, 1972
Cases by Bligh Bond & Rev Lionel Lewis, 1926
St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
1. Stone Pulpit depicting the 12 disciples. Designed by Sir George Scott and carved by Frederick Merrick
2. Alabaster Tomb of John Camel, lay treasurer of Glastonbury Abbey, d.1487
Fan vaulted West Tower Ceiling

St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
West Door
St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
Stained Glass Window by Lavers, Barraud & Westlake, c1880
St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
Charles II
Royal Coat of Ams
St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
1. Stained Glass Window by Lavers, Barraud and Westlake, 1897
2. 'Joseph of Arimathea', 'St Aristobulus', 'St Simon Zelotes', and 'Arviragus' in Memory of Joseph Bishop d.1887 and Elizabeth Bishop d.1914.
Window by A.J. Davies of the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts, 1936
Above - 'Resurection of Christ', 'Mary Magdalene', 'St Michael the Archangel' and St Bridget with her Wolf and Sheep' Below - 'St Dunstan', 'St George Slaing the Dragon' and 'St Patrick' in Memory of Alexander Baily and his wife Elizabeth. Window by Danielli, 1924

St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
1. East Window by Westlake, 1879
2. Stained Glass Window in Memory of Edward and Margaret Elizabeth Barker
by Lavers, Barraud and Westlake, 1895
3. 'Noah', 'Moses', 'Elias' and 'St John the Baptist'
Window in Memmory of Jacob John Rocke, 1867

St John the Baptist, Glastonbury
Former Water Fountain Glastonbury
Crowds Gather on Glastonbury Tor

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