July 14th, 2016

Zennor - Lelant - St Ives

Overlooking Zennor, Cornwall
Commemorative plaque to John Davey,
the last person to speak Cornish d.1891
Church of St Senara, Zennor
Flower Display
St Ives, Cornwall
Seafront Panorama
St Ives, Cornwall
Harbour Slipway
St Ives, Cornwall
St Ives viewed from the West Pier, Cornwall
St Ives viewed from Park Avenue, Cornwall
St. Uny Church, Lelant
Church Micro 8346
'Mission of St Uny'
In memory of William, Mary and Ida Prowse Simmons, 1949
St. Uny Church, Lelant
Engraved Memorial Plaque to the Praed family, 1620
St. Uny Church, Lelant
Altarpiece, St. Uny Church, Lelant
Cornish Crosses, St Uny Churchyard, Lelant
National Cycle Network Mileage Marker

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