January 22nd 2017

Greenhill Viaduct - Manorbier Castle - 'The King's Quoit'

Greenhill Viaduct Railway Bridge Tenby
C14th Ruins of Lydstep Palace
C14th Effigy of Walter de Barri
St James the Great Church, Manorbier
Carved Bench
St James the Great Church, Manorbier
1. 'Revelation to St John' by Evelyn Woodcock, 1920's
2. Stained Glass Window over a light box by Evelyn May Woodcock, 1920's
3 William III Royal Coat of Arms, 1701
4 'The Last Supper' Cross Stitch, 1992

St James the Great Church, Manorbier
1. 'Alfred the Great' and 'Hugh Paganis', founder of the Order of St John,
by Powell and Sons, c.1919
2. 'St David' and 'Gerald of Wales' by Kempe and Co, 1915
3. 'St Cecilia' and 'St Faith' by Powell and Sons, designed by Ernest Penwarden, c.1923
4. Stained glass window by Burlison and Grylls, 1918

St. James the Great Church, Manorbier
Ruins of Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire
Manorbier Dovecote
Manorbier Bay
'The King's Quoit', 3000 BC
Manorbier, Pembrokeshire
'The King's Quoit'
Manorbier, Pembrokeshire
'The King's Quoit'
A prehistoric megalithic tomb known as a
Cromlech or Dolmen
Manorbier, Pembrokeshire

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