August 17th, 2017

Archaeologist Chas Jones visits our Burford Exhibition

Early C19th Bale Tomb
Elizabeth and Henry Sules
St John the Baptist, Burford
Bale Tomb of William Richardson Faulkner d.1903 and John Meade Faulkner d.1936
St John the Baptist, Burford
Warwick Almshouses
Founded in 1455 by Burford Burgess and Wool Merchant Henry Bishop
Warwick Almhouse, Burford
The Oxford Shirt Company,
High Street,
England's oldest chemist, 1734
Reavley Chemist,
Tolsey Museum,
View along Sheep Street, Burford from Greyhounds building, where the former Countryman's Magazine was edited
The Brewery
founded in 1798
Sheep Street, Burford
C18th Cottage built on the historic
Battle Edge
site where King Æthelbald of Mercia was defeated by King Cuthred of the West Saxons in 752 AD.
Mosaic School Sign
Burford Primary School, 1877
C15th Medieval Bridge over the
River Windrush,
Archaeologist Chas Jones visits our
Burford exhibition
Michael and Chas, with the Battle of Fulford in the background

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