April 9th, 2019

A day in London with Rachael and a visit to Westminster Abbey
(With regret, no photos of Westminster Abbey due to photography restrictions)

Attorney General's Office, London
and Westminster Scholars War Memorial
Western Facade
Westminster Abbey
Union Jack on top of Westminster Palace's
Victoria Tower
Gillian and Rachael in front of Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey's C20th Martyrs
Western facade, Westminster Abbey

The Herb Garden, opened by the Queen in 2010,
is located in the College Garden,
Westminster Abbey
Gillian and Rachael under a Cherry Blossom Tree in the College Garden Westminster Abbey
Wall Monument to Edmond Halley
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Palace, London
'Extinction Rebellion' protest taking place near
Westminster Palace, London
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Palace
Gillian and Rachael in front of the
Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst Memorial

Gillian and Rachael outside
Westminster Palace, London
Victoria Tower
Westminster Palace, London
Gillian completes an earthcache at the
Buxton Memorial Fountain
The London Eye
from across the Thames
Cruises up the Thames with the
London Eye in the background
Big Ben under repairs. Work will be completed in 2021
Scaffolding encasing Big Ben
The Lady Chapel
Westminster Abbey
Rachael admires the gilded door of Victoria Tower, Westminster Palace, London
Gilded Eagle on top of the Royal Air Force Memorial London
The Royal Air Force Memorial,
Whitehall Court behind
Gillian completes an earthcache on
Westminster Bridge
Westminster Palace viewed from Jubilee Gardens

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