April 23rd, 2019

Southsea pier - The D-Day Story - Southsea - Portsmouth - Overlord Embroidery

Southsea Rock Gardens
South Parade Pier, Southsea. The pier opened in 1879, was destroyed by fire in 1904 and reopened in 1908. The pier appeared in an episode of Mr. Bean entitled 'Mind the Baby Mr. Bean.'
Pirate on the South Parade Pier
Attractions at the end of South Parade Pier
Field Marshal Montgomery
The D-Day Story, Portsmouth
WW2 Soldier
The D-Day Story, Portsmouth
Angel of Peace
Drinking Fountain
Canoe Lake, Southsea
The Overlord Embroidery Display, Southsea, Portsmouth
The Overlord Embroidery comprises of 34 hand stitched panels, running in total to 83 metres in length.
On permanent display at The D-Day Story, Southsea, Portsmouth
Overlord Embroidery (detail)
Southsea, Portsmouth

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