April 11th, 2019

A day in London with Rachael.
A visit to
St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.
(No photography allowed inside St Paul's and also no photography of the Crown Jewels allowed)

'Christ's Hospital' by Sculptor
Andrew F. Brown, 2017
Christ Church Greyfriars, London
Bronze Sculpture 'Paternoster'
by Dame Elisabeth Frink, 1975
Paternoster Square, London
Ruins and Garden of
Christ Church Greyfriars
, London
Gillian and Rachael outside St Paul's Cathedral
1. Deck Chairs in Paternoster Quare, beneath the 75ft Paternoster Square Column
2. Temple Bar Gate, Paternoster Square London. Attributed to Sir Christopher Wren, the fine arch of Portland stone was constructed between 1669 and 1672, by Thomas Knight, the City Mason, and Joshua Marshall, Master of the Mason's Company
3. Statue of Queen Anne, St Paul's Churchyard, London
St Paul’s Cross
A stone column, completed in 1910, by Sir Bertram Mackennal
St Paul's Cathedral,
Bracken House Clock.
Astrological Clock, designed by Frank Dobson and Philip Bentham. Made by Thwaites & Reed.
The clock features the face of Winston Churchill at the centre of a large gold sunburst
Cannon St London
Tower Hill Sundial
Designed by architect John Chitty and sculptor Edwin Russell , 1992
1066, Tower of London Founded
Tower Hill Sundial
1866, Metropolitan Fire Brigade Established
Tower Hill Sundial
1605, Gumpowder Plot
Tower Hill Sundial
1397, Dick Whittington, four times
Lord Mayor of London
Tower Hill Sundial
Artwork by Stephen B. Whatley, 2001. Tower Hill Underpass, London.
A series of 30 paintings commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces
Festival Gardens
The Shard viewed from The Tower of London
The Tower of London
Various views of the Tower of London
Waterloo Block, Tower of London
The Waterloo Block, a former barracks in the castellated Gothic Revival style, houses the Crown Jewels on the ground floor
Wire Frame Sculptures by Kendra Haste, 2011
Tower of London
Tower of London
Wire Frame Sculptures by Kendra Haste, 2011
Tower of London
Tower Of London
The Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary, otherwise known as Beefeaters
C17th Maltese Cannon
Tower Of London
Guards posted outside the Waterloo Block, Tower of London
Traitors' Gate
Tower of London
The Wakefield Tower.
Construction of the Wakefield Tower began around 1220
Tower of London

'William the Conqueror's Chapel'
Church of St Peter ad Vincula
Tower of London

Cradle Tower, built by Edward III, 1348-55
as his private water-gate
Tower of London
White Tower
Tower of London
View from the parapet of the Tower of London.
Gherkin Tower is located centre right
Tower Bridge as viewed from the
Tower of London
Middle Tower, one of the 21 towers of the
Tower of London
Storytelling students in period costume at the Tower of London
Armour Displays at the Tower of London
Armour and Weapon Displays at the Tower of London
Gillian and Rachael at Tower Bridge, London

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