The yawara, (A.K.A. the Pasak or Dulodulo) is a weapon used in various martial arts. It takes the form of two small, thick sticks which stick out about an inch from each side of the hand. They are usually used in pairs to initiate throws, bone breaks, pressure points and the like. When one becomes proficient with yawara, they can use them as an effective fighting weapon that is both legal (in most jurisdictions) and easy to conceal.

The Yawara is often used in pairs. The basic positions for using the yawara are

  • middle position - grasped tightly with equal parts protruding from each side of the hand.
  • capped position - most of the yawara protrudes below the smallest finger, with thumb placed over the other end.
  • low chamber - most of the yawara protrudes above the thumb and index finger.

It is very important to wrap the thumbs around the yawara when using them rather than leaving them sticking out, as they present very tempting targets to an opponent.

Pop culture

The yawara plays an important role in the movie Twisted.

It is often mispronounced as 'Yeah-Ware-A'. It is correctly pronounced as 'Ya-wah-ra'.

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