From Maule, five leagues from Paris in the French Vexin. Duchesne records Guarin de Maule, living c. 960, possibly the grandfather (but never the father as stated by Norman People) of Peter, seignior of Maule, "the rich Parisian" mentioned by Orderic Vital. He informs us that Peter made a donation to the priory of Maule, a cell of Saint-Evroult, in 1076, with the consent of his wife Widesmouth and his sons Ansold, Theobald and William. Peter had another son Guarin, also four daughters, and died c. 1100, having "lived to a good old age." Ansold, the son of Peter, went to Greece, where he fought under Robert Guiscard in 1081, and made a donation in 1106 to the church of Saint Mary of Maule. He married Adeline, daughter of Raoul Malovisin, who held the castle of Mantes, by whom he had seven sons and two daughters, among whom were Peter the eldest, his heir, Guarin and Ansold. We are further informed by Vital that Ansold (son of Peter) died in 1118, "having borne arms for 53 years," which dates back to 1065, and permits the assumption taking in conjunction with the other known facts that he was at Senlac. Guarin de Maule, his son, is stated by Burke and Cleveland to have been at Hastings. This is impossible, since he was an infant, if even born, at that time. Therefore the Guarin de Maule at the conquest was the brother of Ansold and the son of Peter. However, the Domesday tenant of this name, who could have been either one of these Guarins, acquired the lordship of Hatton in Yorkshire and other grants in Cleveland. Robert, his son, was a follower of David, later King of Scotland, and Robert's son fought in the battle of the Standard in 1138. From this family sprung the earls of Panmore (Douglas). The name occurs on the rolls of Holinshed and Leland.

--(Falaise Roll).

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