The family was Flemish, descending from the castellans of Cambray, of whom Walter de Lens is mentioned in the Chronicle of Baldric of Noyon, c. 950. Walter II, his son, was castellan of Cambray, c. 990, and had Walter, who was succeeded by his nephew Walter D'Oissy, castellan, in 1049. He had Hugh, father of Hugh II, viscount of Meaux, living 1096. Walter de Cambray, or D'Oissy, surnamed "le Flamand," a younger brother, came to England at the conquest in 1066, and was a great Domesday baron in Buckingham, Hertford, and Wadhull in Bedford, where he had his chief seat. MM. Lechaude d'Anisy et de Sainte-Marie, in their Recheyches sur le Domesday, state that Robert d'Armentieres and Adelolfus de Mert from the town of Armentieres in Flanders came to England under his banner, he being their suzerain. From Walter descended the barons of Wadhull and the celebrated earl of Strafford. The Wentworth family also descended from him. Mr. Edgar Taylor, in his 'Wace', likewise registers the opinion that he was at the conquest. Six of the name appear on the Dives roll.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll).