Fulbert L'Archer, the patriarch of the Lords Archer of Umberslade, in the county of Warwick, appears among the warriors at Hastings, who received recompense from the victor. His son, Robert L'Archer, obtained additions to his territorial possessions by grant from Henry I whose tutor he had been, and still further increased his patrimony by marrying Sebit, daughter of Henry de Villiers, and thus acquiring the lands of Umberslade. During the wars of the P1antagenets, the Archers were much distinguished, and for a long series of generations held a leading position in the county of Warwick. The last male heir, Andrew Archer, second Lord Archer, of Umberelade, nineteenth in direct descent from the Norman L'Archer, died in 1778, leaving four daughters and coheirs, Catherine, married first, to Other Lewis, fourth Earl of Plymouth, and secondly, to William, first Earl of Amherst; Elizabeth, married to Christopher Musgrave, Esq., Henrietta, married to Edward Bolton Clive, Esq., of Whitfield; and Maria, married to Henry Howard, Esq., of Corby Castle.

--(Falaise Roll)

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